Fresh Scent

Product Code: 609500

Airlift’s formulation incorporates raw material ingredients which function to eliminate odors. These special ingredients assists the initial control of offensive odors caused by stale smoke, mildew, urine, and vomit. Airlift may be sprayed on most surfaces not harmed by water. Air freshening may be accomplished by simply pushing the button on the aerosol can and spraying in the air or on surfaces requiring a deodorant. Airlift may be sprayed on carpet when extra carpet freshness is desired.

Bar Code: 10753727010995

Size: 12-20 OZ.CAN



Product Description

Product Code: Bar Code: Size:
749604 10753727010995 1 GAL 4/CSE
749605 00753727011001 5 GAL PAIL
749615 00753727011018 15 GAL DRUM
749630 00753727011025 30 GAL DRUM
749655 00753727011032 55 GAL DRUM
749665 00753727010981 330 GAL TOTE


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