SparClean Sure Step

Product Code: 765904
Grease is inescapable in a kitchen environment, especially in and around grills and fryers. Over time, this grease builds-up in kitchen tile and grout, creating a slippery, safety hazard. SparClean® Sure Step is a no-rinse, enzyme floor cleaner that breaks down built-up grease, improving slip resistance. With the ability to remove even the toughest food-based fats, oils, and greases, the SparClean Sure Step enzymatic action continues to work even when the floor is dry! When used regularly, SparClean Sure Step restores traction to even the greasiest of floors.

Bar Code: 10753727261373

Size: 1 GAL 4/CSE


Product Description

Product Code: Bar Code: Size:
765904 10753727261373 1 GAL 4/CSE
765905 00753727261383 5 GAL PAIL
765955 00753727261413 55 GAL DRUM
765960 00753727261420 275 GAL TOTE
765965 00753727261437 330 GAL TOTE